The Commemoration of the 23rd Anniversary of The Civil Military Rebellion Led by Hugo Chavez



    Painted by Guillermo Colmenares


23 Years from 4 February 1992 Held in Canada a Military Rebellion to the Dignity of Peoples 

Ottawa, 5 February 2015. Through an emotive act, Venezuela Embassy in Canada, recalled the historical legacy that military rebellion that made history in Venezuela, Latin America and the World, as a rebellion whose aim was to vindicate the dignity of peoples oppressed of the world.

The tribute had the presence of over 70 attendees, including diplomatic delegates from fraternal countries as Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador, Haiti, among others; as well as students, researchers and professors at the University of Ottawa, members of the Latin community and representatives of the indigenous community Mohawk present in the Canadian Capital.

The ceremony attended the showing of 4F, which summarizes the historic feat of those young soldiers risking their lives for the Libertarian ideals of Bolívar, fought to take over the country.

Barrientos Ambassador recalled that since the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution led by our Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez, and now by his son, the worker President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela and its people have grown steadily in areas such as education, science, claims social, culture, sports, human rights and above all sovereignty.