The Commemoration of the 23rd Anniversary of The Civil Military Rebellion Led by Hugo Chavez in Toronto


The Front for the Defence of the People Hugo Chavez, the General Consulate of the Republic of Venezuela in Toronto and Palestine solidarity House Beit Zatoun, made an event, under the February 4, Day of Dignity. Introducing the theme 'Economic War on Venezuela: Understanding imperialism from Palestine to Chile'.

The event began with the intervention of Ms. Consul General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Toronto, Martha Pardo, who gave a presentation on the historical significance of February 4, 1992, which was the basis for the realization of the Bolivarian Revolution. Similarly, highlighted and the outpouring of support of solidarity from Canada to the Venezuelan people, also featured a panel of Robert Massoud, Palestinian-Canadian, founder of the house Beit Zatoun, Manuel Luna, a political refugee Chilean economist former university professor in Spain, Canada and the Arab and Santiago Escobar Director of Alliance Country Canada, activist-defender of the rights of the migrants in Canada Emirates.

Then the Venezuelan documentary "Copy and Coal," which contrasts the economic war that Chile suffered during the socialist government of Salvador Allende, the current aggression against the Venezuelan people is presented. During his speech, Manuel Luna contrasted both experiences and differences. "The economic war follows the same format with strategies ranging from creating matrices of opinion based on alleged shortage of commodities and" freedoms ". Despite many similarities, we optimism, Venezuela is not alone, the solidarity of countries of the CELAC, UNASUR, ALBA, Petrocaribe and solidarity of the people is permanent. "

Santiago Escobar explained in the scheme of Economic Warfare facing Venezuela. "The alleged shortage of food and medicine, is created and controlled by the alliance between employers and Colombian paramilitaries, to this must be added the currency speculation and smuggling of subsidized by the Bolivarian Revolution towards Colombia products". "The people organized in conjunction with state institutions are defeating the coup," said Escobar.