Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos assumes functions in Canada



Ottawa January 21, 2015. Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos arrived in Canada and completed his first day of duties giving a warm welcome to the staff of the diplomatic mission. With detailed institutional plan announced new initiatives and strategies that will take place during 2015.

The Ambassador explained the strategic importance of this mission to the homeland of Bolívar and mention the Bolivarian and revolutionaries values for the successful and institutional goals.

During the workday the operating units of the Mission had a diagnosis of operation, while the goals laid out to follow during the current fiscal year.

The strategies to be followed are framed in terms of the Plan de la Patria 2013-2019 and the achievement of the objectives of our worthy and Revolutionary Bolivarian Government. The Ambassador made this week, courtesy visits Protocol Department of Canadian Foreign Ministry in order to exchange and strengthen relations between the two nations.