Cuba and Venezuela reaffirm cooperation ties in Canada


meeting 2

Ottawa, January 26, 2015.  Ambassadors Julio Garmendía Peña and Wilmer Barrientos Fernandez, both ambassadors in Canada, shared a meet where the interests of working together to achieve the bilateral interests were reaffirmed.

The embassies of Cuba and Venezuela in Canada have historically worked in various projects of cultural, academic and social, reaffirming the Latin American integration and brotherhood between the two countries.

The links between Cuba and Venezuela are a good example of fraternal relations between two revolutionary peoples fighting for a better future for all mankind, as always emphasized the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez and the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

The social missions undertaken between Cuba and Venezuela (Misión Barrio Adentro I and II, Barrio Adentro Deportivo, Robinson, Misión Milagro, among others) have pushed the boundaries of what Nacional to the peoples of our America.