The Embassy of Venezuela in Canada Promotes Solidarity with Victims of Guarimbas



02/12/2015 Montreal. The Embassy of Venezuela in Canada, with general consulates in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, promoted the forum, Guarimbas Instrument Against the Peace  of Venezuelan People, with the assistance of more than 90 peoples.

The Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre in Montreal was the space selected for the forum, which was characterized by a great educational content. The purpose was to inform what happened in February 2014, which extreme right sectors generated an atmosphere of chaos and violence in several states, killing more than 43 Venezuelans and more than 800 people injured and causing damage which generated an economic loss of approximately 10,000 million dollars.

The forum was led by Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos, who explained in detail the facts since the victory of President Nicolas Maduro on April 14, 2013, and entitled plan “LA SALIDA"

Barrientos Ambassador explained: "The idea that the country were suppressed a number of legitimate protests by students persists. However, our Venezuelan brother’s dead prove that the protests were violent, and military weapons were used.

Thus, to end the forum the Ambassador said: “The Bolivarian Government promotes the preservation of peace and justice in Venezuela, Latin America and the World”.