Conm. Chavez 05-03-2015

Ottawa, March 5, 2015. The Embassy of Venezuela in Canada, with its General Consulate in Montreal, celebrated the second anniversary of the passing of the Eternal Commander Hugo Chٕávez, and expressed it through a day of discussion with groups of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, as well with an emotional ecumenical mass, which grouped the main religious manifestation in the world, as a reminder that there is no cultural and linguistic barriers to honor the largest South American leader of this century. The message was clear on this day, "There is no death or final farewell for the leader that marked the hearts and souls of Venezuela, Latin America and the World".

At least 20 groups of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, yesterday March 5, 2015, at 4:25 pm, hour of passing of Eternal Commander, delivered a manifesto in support of the Bolivarian process, in support of Nicolás Maduro’s Government and proclaimed Hugo Chavez as eternal protector of Latin America. The Manifesto declared that "Chávez took the torned and broken flags from Bolivar, that for a century were stained with blood; Today we have to take Chavez’s flags to continue the battle".

Afterwards, and with the presence of more than 250 people, among them a large representation from the diplomatic mission posted in Ottawa from: Japan, China, Russia, Palestine, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Turkey, among others, as well as the media. The religious celebration began with prayers by representatives of different religions and faiths, among most notably, Christians, Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox, who raised prayers for the repose of the Eternal Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, and recalled that in his passage through this land, Chávez represented the virtues of Christ, to give food and drink to the dispossessed, and to help those in distress.

The special guests in order of presentation, for this religious celebration were the Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Edgar Mosqueira, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba, Julio Peña Garmendía. For his part, Ambassador Mosqueira noted that "Chavez left a historical legacy and a commitment to Latin America, we cannot fail him, he reiterated. We must honor his name and his legacy with dedication".  With emotional words he bid farewell “Until Victory, Forever Commander!!”

Afterwards, Ambassador Garmendía from Cuba highlighted that Chavez, was since his first visit to Havana in 1994, a brother for Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and a visionary for the Cuban people. In this regard he noted that "We share the infinite sorrow for his departure, but we support and we continue supporting Comrade Nicolás Maduro, as being Chávez’s wish and hope for the Bolivarian Revolution."

For his part, Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos, recalled that Chávez is an expression of infinite love, kindness, justice and above all humanity. Ambassador Barrientos remarked that "Venezuelans have engraved in their soul the traces Chavez’s verb; this century bears traces everywhere of his works and the pain of his notable absence. Chavez went beyond the borders of Venezuela and his devotion for the excluded travelled from Europe to Africa, from Asia to South America ".

The Ambassador gave closing remarks with remarkable emotion stating, "now in his anniversary, and taking words from revolutionary Venezuelan composer, Ali Primera, we can say "Those who die for life cannot be called dead and from this moment on it is forbidden to cry him. Chavez lives in our hearts; and his daughters and sons celebrate his legacy, his fruit and feel with pride to have the blood of this Venezuelan, son of Bolivar, son of the large Nation, of the Socialist Nation…..Chávez gave us the greatest gift of all, a free and sovereign Nation, a Nation for our sons and daughters, Thank you Commander Chávez!!! Until Victory Forever!!