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Ottawa, March 5, 2015. In Ottawa, 20 organizations gathered in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, in order to honor the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez and declared their profound solidarity with the Venezuelan people and its President Nicolás Maduro.

At 4:25 pm on March 5, time in which the Eternal Commander rested in peace, after struggling for over a year against a disease that affected him, various organizations that support the Bolivarian Revolution gathered in Ottawa, to discuss the imperialist intervention and actions to take to defend the Venezuelan people. Solidarity groups delivered a statement which 65 signatories demand the protection of Hugo Chávez’s legacy, to build a new world. The document follows:

"As part of the celebration of the life and struggle of Commander Hugo Chavez, we declare the importance of his heritage in building a new world. He was instrumental in the renewal of ideas and strategies advocated by the movements and governments around the world, and more specifically of our America, the Great Latin-American Nation. Since coming to power, Chávez made possible the unity of the peoples and governments of Latin America, and made the fight for equality and redistribution of wealth a priority.


Therefore, the undersigned, denounce that: the Venezuelan extreme right and the government of the United States, are trying again to reverse, by political and economic violent means, the Bolivarian government legitimately constituted, as well the Venezuelan democracy and sovereignty.


In fact, attacks against Venezuelan democracy come from the local bourgeoisie, who intend to threaten and destroy the stability of the democratic system, bringing together a strategy of economic warfare and violent protests, specifically aimed at a Coup d’état.


Thus, they do not recognize the will of the popular majority, who has ratified in favor of the Bolivarian process, through participation in the various elections held in the last 15 years.


In this regard, we call upon all political and social organizations, artists, students, intellectuals, workers, indigenous peoples and the popular sector, so that they express their solidarity and denounce the attacks against the Venezuelan people. "



The United States seems destined by the

Providence to plague the Americas with misery in the name of freedom”

 Simón Bolívar



Signed at Ottawa, March 5, 2015