The First Nations of Canada Remember the Legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez and Stand in Defense with the Venezuelan People

 20150306 165030-Mohawk

Ottawa, March 9, 2015. Mohawk ancestral indigenous communities permanently established in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec since the1600s, were present at the Embassy of Venezuela in Canada to celebrated the second anniversary of the passing of the Eternal Commander Hugo Chٕávez and his legacy to the world, and also to offer their support to the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolás Maduro.


Stmart Myiow, leader of the Mohawk community, offered his words in the framework of his visit to the mission in Ottawa, which recalled the passage of Commander Hugo Chávez through our world, and especially of his labour for the disposed. In this regard, he noted that Chavez recognized indigenous peoples as indispensable for the world and led the changes in Venezuela to reflect that reality. "Despite having only 2% of indigenous population, Venezuela incorporated in 1999 in its Constitution the recognition of Indigenous Peoples and created the Ministry of Popular Power for Indigenous Peoples to advance the economic, political and social rights in this sector, as well as the Permanent Department for Indigenous Affairs of the National Assembly ".


Hugo Chávez promoted the promulgation of the Law of Indigenous Peoples and Communities, one of the most advanced tools in Latin America. Similarly, Venezuela like no other country in Latin America has returned land to the exclusive control of indigenous communities.


The meeting was characterized by a strong sentiment of solidarity and generosity, where the First Nations people offered songs, prayers and blessings for Venezuela.