Diario de Bucaramanga at 19th Latin American Film Festival




The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Canada

 is pleased to announce,

the participation of Venezuela in the 

19th Latin American Film Festival,

in presenting the film, Diario de Bucaramanga, 

directed by Carlos Fung


The first 20 people to arrive at the theater box office will receive a free ticket


Diary of Bucaramanga – Last Days of Simon Bolívar

(With English subtitles)


Diary of Bucaramanga – Last Days of Simon Bolívar

English subtitles

Year: 2013


It takes place in 1828 amid the conflicts surrounding the consolidation of independence in South America. Bolívar, accompanied by his political advisers, is in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga awaiting news of developments at the Ocaña Convention, which is expected to generate a constitution for Colombia. During those dramatic days marked by intrigue and treachery at the hands of General Francisco de Paula Santander, the future of Gran Colombia is decided as Bolívar recalls key moments in his life. The film is based on a 19th century novel by Luís Perú de Lacroix, a French general who fought in the army of Napoleon I and then joined Bolívar’s army in 1823. Diary of Bucaramanga recently won prizes for Best Art Direction and Best First Feature at Venezuela's National Film Festival.


Simón Pestana

Patric Delmas

Luis Mesa

Ana Karina Casanova

Albi de Abreu

Alexander Letermi

Special Performance: Henry Galué

Directed by Carlos Fung

Executive Production: Simón Pestana

Music: Yury Fung

Direction of photography: Juan Toledo

Direction of Art: Gaby Vílchez

Edition: Armando Bohórquez

Direction: Carlos Fung


Best Actor………………………. ELCO Film Festival 2013
Best First Film …………………. Venezuelan Film Festival
Best Art Direction ……………… Venezuelan Film Festival


Tuesday, May 5th, 7pm

Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Dr.



RB2200, 43 Campus Ave.

(Corner of University Dr.)

Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

Third Floor (Theater), Second Floor (Box Office)

Tickets available at the box office or online

More information: www.cfi-icf.ca

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