Duties and Objectives

The Foreign Service Act of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela states that diplomatic missions are established abroad to exercise the duties of the Minister of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs.

The National Executive determines the basic type and structure of Venezuelan missions accredited abroad, taking into consideration the political and economic priorities of the Republic, as well as the characteristics of the receiving State.

The special duties of Foreign Service officers serving in the diplomatic and consular missions of Venezuela are the following:

a) To protect the interests of the Republic, the prestige of the nation and the good name of their authorities and institutions.

b) To defend the rights and interests of its citizens within its jurisdiction and in accordance with international law.

c) To foster linkages between the Republic and the State or body to which they are performing their duties.

d) To ensure close monitoring of treaties and other international instruments.

e) To claim for the Republic, its authorities and officers, the corresponding considerations and prerogatives.

f) To faithfully fulfill the instructions given by the Minister of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, as well as maintaining close communication with the Ministry.

g) To report back on internal and international matters of the receptor country that are of interest to the Republic.

h) To safeguard all documents, records, statistics and special stamps in custody, as well as all similar equipment.

i) To settle and live according to their rank and decorum demanded by the representation that they are invested in.

j) To observe the strictest rectitude in their social performance, their fulfillment of financial obligations and, in general, their personal conduct to be worthy of representing the Republic.

k) To implement and enforce all duties as established by the Constitution, laws and other normative acts of the Republic.

l) To ensure the preservation and conservation of all goods and property belonging to the Venezuelan state, whether they are in transit or are permanently installed in the receptor country.