Please note that the Embassy only processes applications from Ottawa and nearby areas (home or work address of the applicant, not the intermediary) for the rest of the country go to the following missions:

Consulate in Toronto: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

Consulate in Montreal: Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

Consulate in Vancouver: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada.


Certified copy of Birth Certificate

  • Consular Registration Form (Only if you have not presented it or to update your information. Do not forget to attach your photograph and copies of identity documents. Do not leave blanks)
  • Original and copy of a Passport or Id.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Bank deposit for fifteen American Dollars (15 USD) at TD CANADATRUST BRANCH 3312 Num. 7303133, under the name of “Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”. Proof of such deposit in the form of a receipt must be presented at the Embassy. Documents must be turned in within a year of issue of receipt.

Issuing Duration: 3-Working days minimum since document drop-off.

Death Certificate

• Consular Registration Form. (Only if you have not filed it or need to update your information. Do not forget to attach your photograph and copies of identity documents. Do not leave blanks)

• One (01) original certificate or original death Act issued by relevant local authority and authenticated by Foreign Affairs. More information: Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC)

• Original translation by a certified translator and authenticated by Foreign Affairs.
• Copy of the identity card of the deceased.
• Original and copy of birth certificate of the deceased. *
• Official Gazette or naturalization certificate.
• Original and copy of the marriage certificate. *
• Original and copy of the identity card of the spouse.
• Original and copy of birth certificate of children. *
• Original of the certificate evidencing the affiliate link.
• Original and copy of the ID or passport of the person declaring the death. *

* The original document will be returned. Any document in any language different from spanish must submit the original translation by a certified translator and authenticated by Foreign Affairs.

Consular Processing fees are exempt for this service

Use Certificate

General Information

Importing used vehicles for the transport of persons entering under the Passenger Baggage Rules, governed by this policy Ministry of Finance Resolution No. 924 dated August 29, 1991, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Venezuela No. 34,790, dated September 3, 1991, provides as follows:

  • Each passenger may only bring, as part of their luggage, one VEHICLE without restriction as to make and model.
  • The passenger should be of age and have stayed abroad for a period no less than one (1) year, that period may have been interrupted by short outputs and inputs, ie it must not change his residence.
  • The vehicle must be owned and personal use of the passenger and must be protected by the patent or the original registration certificate issued in his name by the competent authority in the country of origin of the vehicle. This certificate must be issued not less than eleven (11) months prior to the arrival of the passenger to the country.
  • To this end the nationalization of the vehicle, subject to the scheme, the applicant shall submit duly authenticated documents to the Consular section of or his substitute, which states that the person has used the vehicle as the owner for a period of no less than eleven (11) months. It shall include the Original Invoice of purchase by the passenger or replacement document for the sale of the respective country.
  • Motor vehicles for the transport of persons entering the country under this system, will be freed from paying Import Tax, ie only must pay the amount of the fee for the Customs Service of 1% on the CIF value of vehicle, provided their value in new condition does not exceed the local currency equivalent to twenty thousand dollars ($ 20,000) in the United States; in which case they must also pay the tax under the Customs Tariff, 35% ad valorem on the CIF value of the vehicle.
  • Also, to be eligible to opt for the exception before mentioned, the applicant shall comply with any and every requirement outlined above.


  • Vehicles entering under this system may not be assigned or transferred within a period of three (3) years after the nationalization of the same. Similarly, under this system, another vehicle may not enter the country for at least three (3) years.

Household Goods:

  • Decree 1,666 of December 27, 1996, published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 5129 of 30.12.96, Rules of the Customs Law on Release System Suspension and other Special Customs Procedures, provides in Article 136:
  • Household Goods shall be free from payment of customs duties, provided that it has been used by the passenger on the outside for a period not less than six (6) months. For these purposes the passenger must use the appropriate certification issued by the competent consular authority.

Procedures for the Use Certificate

Only for personal belongings:

  • Meet the requirements for this system. (General information above)
  • Prepare Affidavit certified by a Notary and authenticated by DFAIT. The statement must contain an inventory of the goods.
  • Fill the form for Use Certificate – goods for personal use; supplied by the Consular Section of the Embassy and submit the following documents along with it: passport, identity card and affidavit.

Only for personal use vehicle:

  • Meet the requirements for this system. (General information above)
  • Prepare Affidavit certified by a notary and authenticated by DFAIT. Annexing original title deed of the vehicle (to the applicant) and invoice or proof of purchase and sale.
  • Fill the form for Use Certificate – vehicle for personal use; supplied by the Consular Section of the Embassy and submit the following documents along with it: passport, identity card, driving license and affidavit.


  • When transporting both goods and a vehicle, a single affidavit shall be prepared in compliance with the requirements for both cases, and fill the combined form of certificate of use.
  • The amount of this consular service should be paid as a bank deposit in the amount corresponding to the account in US DOLLARS at the TD CANADA TRUST bank BRANCH NRO 3312, number 7303133, in the name of EMBASSY OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA. Link to Consular Processing Fees.

For more information visit the website: www.seniat.gov.ve

Criminal Record Certificate

Every user that requires a Criminal record must apply online through the following website MPPRI

In case of difficulty the Embassy can serve as an intermediary. However, the application process through this Office can last more than six months.Venezuelans and Foreign citizens (who had a resident card or a venezuela identity card) requiring their criminal record can apply requesting the appointment through the following website: MPPRI


Applications are processed on a schedule from 8:00 am to 12: 00m Time (Venezuela), or until the system reaches the 600 procedures (whichever comes first) Carefully read the following User's Manual  

If the applicant cannot authorize someone in Venezuela to perform this procedure, the Consulate General can serve as an intermediary. However, the application process through this Office may last more than six months.

Requirements for applying at the Consular Section:

  • Full name
  • Number of their Venezuelan identity card ("Indispensable" attach two (2) legible photocopies). If the applicant is not a citizen of Venezuela and remained at home with Transient Visa and / or certificate of foreign owned then, must attach two (2) photocopies of the visa and two (2) copies of the dates of entry and exit to the country.
  • Serial number of the passport ("Indispensable" attach two (2) legible photocopies of the information page of the passport)
  • Indicate Reason for request
  • Name of the Public Authority that requires this document. ("Indispensable" attach two (2) copies of the letter in which this document is requested)

This record shall be signed by the Deputy Minister of Security Law of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

"This service generates no Consular Rights"


Funeral Remains Relocation Certificate

Evidence that there is no epidemic of infectious disease in the country or in the zone of death. (Public / Health Office of Environment Canada)

Requirements to be fulfilled by funeral homes:

  • Authorization of the family of the deceased.
  • Proof of proper packaging of the corpse.
  • Authenticated record of embalming (issued by a pathologist)
  • Letter or certificate of cremation.
  • Declaration of contents
  • Death Certificate issued by Canadian authorities and duly authenticated for its processing by this Consular Section  (see consular rights, ordinance 9)
  • Identity card and passport of the deceased (obligatory).

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"Veterinarian Doctor Day"

On July 21, the National Day of Veterinary is celebrated in Venezuela. This date was chosen during the I Grancolombian Congress of Veterinarian Doctors, event that took place from July 21-28, 1946, in the Andrés Bello High School, in Caracas, Venezuela.

In the afore-mentioned event, representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela discussed several professional, academic and social proposals, and they agreed to celebrate the "Veterinarian Doctor Day" on 21 July of each year; however, today, this day is onlycelebrated in Venezuela.


Poem of the Month

Delmira Agustini (Uruguay)


If life were love, how blessed it would be!

I want more life so to love! Now I feel

A thousand years of ideas are not worth

One blue minute of sentiment.

My heart was dying slowly, sadly...

Now it opens like a Phoebean flower:

Life rushes forth like a turbulent sea

Whipped by the hand of love.

My sorrow flies into the night, sad, cold

With its broken wings;

Like an old scar that continues to ache—

In the distant shade it dissolves...

All my life sings, kisses, laughs!

All my life is a flowering mouth!