Forum on the 50th anniversary of US military invasion to Dominican Republic


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Caracas, April 28, 2015 (MPPRE).- At the headquarters of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, was held "Forum on the 50th anniversary of US military invasion of Dominican Republic". Participating as guest speakers were Deputy Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alexander Yanez; Director of the Miraflores Historical Archives, Marco Fuenmayor; and historian, writer and teacher Manuel Carrero.

The head of the Latin America and the Caribbean Department said he was "proud that in Venezuela the history of our people is remembered, and that from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussions are opened on the history of Latin America and the Caribbean and what has meant the presence of the government of the United States in our nations."

Yanez said that on this date the second invasion of the US government of Dominican Republic is commemorated and this "topic is of great importance for Latin America and also for Venezuela in the context of the decree signed by President Barack Obama on March 9 where he declared Venezuela as an extraordinary and unusual threat to the United States."

The Deputy Minister urged for the continued studies of the history of our America so as to actions like this do not occur again in our lands, "these experiences help us understand what might happen if people do not come together with governments as a large block of peace and unity of our nation of the America. "

Marco Fuenmayor presented the history of the coup, its consequences and its characteristics. He also indicated that the United States in Santo Domingo "tried to develop a bourgeois-democratic regime under President Juan Bosch, at a time when the Cold War in Latin America was at its highest tension."

The Director of the Miraflores Historical Archives said that "we should not believe the empire and its speeches on democracy, constitutionalism and liberty, as for the imperialist they are no friends, only interests."

For his part, Professor Manuel Carrero stated that this open space by the Foreign Ministry serves to frame the actions taken by the US government in Latin America and identify the method in which the attack took place in Dominican Republic. "What happened in Dominican represents an example and our peoples are the moral force, the fundamental backbone".

He noted that the peoples of Latin America have shown a huge advance in consolidating democracy and against empires "an example of moral strength are CELAC, Alba, Unasur, the support for the Venezuelan people and to President Nicolas Maduro during the Summit of the Americas, that is an example of unity and strength to raise a common front against the aggressors."

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"Veterinarian Doctor Day"

On July 21, the National Day of Veterinary is celebrated in Venezuela. This date was chosen during the I Grancolombian Congress of Veterinarian Doctors, event that took place from July 21-28, 1946, in the Andrés Bello High School, in Caracas, Venezuela.

In the afore-mentioned event, representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela discussed several professional, academic and social proposals, and they agreed to celebrate the "Veterinarian Doctor Day" on 21 July of each year; however, today, this day is onlycelebrated in Venezuela.