Communiqué by The Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front (HCPDF)

Communiqué by The Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front (HCPDF)

20171027 01

Regional Elections took place in Venezuela on October 15, 2017 and the turnout was an unprecedented 61.14% of the 18,094,065 registered voters participating – over 11 million Venezuelans exercised their right vote.

The turnout was roughly 3 million more than participated in the election for the Constituent Assembly last July which was held amidst an opposition boycott accompanied by violence and sabotage.

The broad participation in these Regional Elections once again shows that the Venezuelan people have opted to resolve their differences politically, in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The results of the vote indicate that the Bolivarian forces held their ground in spite of the all-out campaign of violence, disinformation and economic warfare waged by the U.S. and its allies inside and outside Venezuela. Candidates of the party led by President Nicolás Maduro, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, were backed by other parties belonging to the alliance known as the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) and were elected as Governors in 18 of the country's 23 states.

In spite of the clear choice of the Venezuelan people, Canada has refused to recognize the result of the election but is instead repeating spurious and unsubstantiated claims about so-called irregularities. Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, continues to make extremist and provocative statements questioning the “validity of the results” without any evidence, hiding behind hypocritical statements about bringing about the “restoration of democracy in Venezuela”.

Her actions are to cover up the role of US and Canada in their ongoing campaign to engineer regime change in Venezuela by fomenting counter revolution and even threatening an outright US military invasion.

Canada is continuing to play a leading role on behalf of US foreign policy by hosting a meeting of the “Lima Group” in Toronto on October 26, 2017. The 12 countries of the Lima Group were assembled by the U.S. to do its bidding after it failed to get enough votes inside the Organization of American States (OAS) to isolate Venezuela and impose its will by invoking the Inter-American Democratic Charter. With the positive election result for the Bolivarian Revolution on October 15, this group remains isolated and now continues to push a parallel process outside the OAS to achieve regime change.

Canadians reject the Trudeau government’s subservience to US foreign policy and continued actions which violate the sovereignty of Venezuela and demand an end to all foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Venezuelan people.

Hands Off Venezuela!

Canada Must Respect the Election Results and Stop Meddling!

Lima Group is not Welcome in Canada!

Ottawa, October 26, 2017.

Source: The Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front (HCPDF)

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"Veterinarian Doctor Day"

On July 21, the National Day of Veterinary is celebrated in Venezuela. This date was chosen during the I Grancolombian Congress of Veterinarian Doctors, event that took place from July 21-28, 1946, in the Andrés Bello High School, in Caracas, Venezuela.

In the afore-mentioned event, representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela discussed several professional, academic and social proposals, and they agreed to celebrate the "Veterinarian Doctor Day" on 21 July of each year; however, today, this day is onlycelebrated in Venezuela.